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Mark Driscoll Arrives to Church in a Hearse to Ask, "Is Christianity Dying?"

To make a clear point about whether or not Christianity has a future in America, Seattle’s Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll pulled up to last Sunday evening’s church service in a hearse. Driscoll, who is also promoting his new book titled A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future?, was dressed in funeral attire to lead the exclusive service which was mostly attended by college students.

Justin Dean, communications director for Mars Hill, explained to The Christian Post that the hearse symbolizes death, and Driscoll writes in the book that “the death of Christendom means life just got a lot more difficult for anyone who really wants to be a Christian and follow Jesus.” Dean said this was particularly important for young people to grasp.

“We are entering into an era where truly following Jesus and living out our convictions means we are going to face increasingly difficult situations and persecution,” Dean said. “Our only hope for humanity is the the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I’m praying that the Holy Spirit works through Pastor Mark and this book to start a massive resurgence in Christians, because we need it.”