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How Do You Know It’s Time to CHANGE Direction?

Your team has gone stale.

Have you ever come to a place where your team has gone from being “in the groove” to “stuck in a rut”? Has the repetitive nature of your work moved your team into a place where they seem to be reacting in routine manner rather than with the passion and energy they once did?

This is a perfect time to make a strategy change. It will force your team to look at your ministry in a new light and shake things up!

More alibis than action.

Related to the last point … are there more excuses about why things aren’t getting done than action with your team? Does it seem like the team is more worried about internal politics and covering up than fulfilling the vision of your church?

Shake up the strategy to move the team to a place where they are focusing on your desired outcome.

Technology or systems shift. 

The technology and systems we use do impact the way we think about church leadership. In the early days of the multisite church movement, we were responding to the fact that video projectors where falling in cost, and so that allowed us to even think about video venues.

Keep on the look out for technology improvements that could impact the way you accomplish the vision!