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You’ve Got to Know the 8 Power Groups in Your Church

4. Formal alliances.

Often, the power group in the church is the group that has formal authority in the church. They may be elders, members of the finance committee, deacons or some other body of authority in the church.

5. Money managers.

Because they have a position related to money in the church, this group sometimes uses their financial power to gain greater power in the church.

The group may be called a finance committee, a stewardship committee or a budget committee. But their authority to call the financial shots can result in significant other sources of power in the church.

6. Past-is-present protectors.

The goal of this group is clear: Fiercely defend the status quo. The group typically has a clear leader and numbers of eager followers.

I recently heard one pastor talk about the problems he encountered when he changed the time of the worship service from 10:55 to 11:00. This group’s motto is “don’t mess with the way we’ve always done it.”

7. Ministry militia.

This power group is known for its fierce devotion to a particular ministry in the church. Anything done to diminish the value of that ministry or to bring change that will impact that ministry will be met with stiff opposition.

8. Network systems.

There are one or more people in the church that have uncanny networking skills. They intentionally connect to many people in the church.

So, when the leadership of the church wants to make a change, this group is critical for success because they are connected to so many other members.

What types of power groups would you add?

What groups have you experienced in your church?