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2 Killed During Nevada Middle School Shooting

CNN reported today that a stafff member at Sparks Middle School in Nevada was killed Monday morning when a student opened fire on the campus. The shooter, a suspected student, was also killed, but it is uncertain at this point whether the shooter was killed by law enforcement or by a self-inflicted gunshot. Two students were also injured and are in critical condition at local hospitals. One 13-year-old student witness said the gunman aimed at a teacher, who instructed him to put the gun down. “The student fired a shot at the teacher, and the teacher fell, and everyone ran away,” the student said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that several shots were heard by the students as they ran from campus. At the time of this writing, no identification has been made of the shooter.

A local pastor, Alex Early, wrote the following in his blog today:

I write this with a tear-soaked keyboard. I cannot pretend to have the perfect response to what is happening in Sparks, Nevada. At Living Stones, we are a church of churches that meet all over the state. Sparks Middle school is in our backyard. People in our community are certainly affected by this tragedy.

I do not have what it takes to weave together an adequate response. There is no glossary in the back of the Bible that says, “What to say when innocent teachers and students are viciously murdered on a cool autumn Monday morning. ”

This day is dark.

We are filled with fear, great sadness, and questions.

Pithy cliches like “Let go and let God” are patronizing on days like today.

Millions are angry, confused, and shaking their fist, asking God where he was and what he’s going to do about it. Many people in the Bible did just that, too.  In fact, today many of us are crying out with the Psalmist “How long, oh Lord?” and with John the Revelator, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” There are families today who are metaphorically clothed in sackcloth and ashes. … 

There is a day coming when God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. That day is not today, so we weep with those who are weeping.

 Please join the staff of churchleaders.com in praying for the students, staff, faculty, and parents of Sparks Middle School, as well as blessings on first responders and law enforcement.
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