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Are You Vulnerable to an Emotional Hijacking?

9. You think the fourth command is optional: Sabbath!

Taking a day off is different than a Sabbath. A day off is a day to do what you have to do around the house, and a Sabbath is a day to renew yourself.

Most of us have two-day weekends, so why don’t we do both? Why don’t we disconnect and replenish ourselves?

The Sabbath is a ‘tithing’ of your time, and it’s not optional. God commands us to do it.

Israel was the only nation who had this Sabbath law, and it caused them to stand out among the nations. Everyone was in awe of their prosperity and believed it must be God who provided for them in abundance. The same thing has happened in the modern age with Chick-fil-a.

Are you willing to trust God that He will cause the work of your hand to multiply in six days, more than could be done in seven?

Guard yourself against the emotional attacks of the enemy by taking good care of yourself and taking a Sabbath.

10. You gain your value from what you do, not training others to do it.

A great leader values raising others up to replace himself. His focus is on multiplying his ministry, not for his own sake, but so that it isn’t about him at all.

A great leader is a hero-maker, a dream-releaser. He mans the spotlight, rather than demanding it be on him.

If you gain your worth from what you do, what happens when the day comes when you can’t do stuff anymore?

There is no success without succession. Don’t let the end of your ministry be you.

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