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Why It’s Better to Be a Prudent Prude Than a Cool Fool

Now, to even address the church’s obsession with sexuality makes you feel as if you are just contributing to the problem, like trying to clean a tar bucket.

And I know to bring getting old into the discussion is where the comments start coming such as “it gets better with age” or “look at this link on SermonAudio about senior citizen sex.” Bringing up death to question the hypersexuality of the church causes folks to want to titter and point, ask personal questions or make remarks about being prudish. 

Yet, better a prudent prude than a cool fool.

For think beyond these things for a moment, friend.

Even if you are a newlywed—perhaps especially if you are a newlywed—think for a moment. Never forget that your sexuality is fading beyond all repair one day. Sickness, age effects, injury, spousal death, awful life situations and death, ultimately—they are all coming your way.

Yes, remember to enjoy the wife of your youth, but also remember that one day your body will be unable to do so. Then what?

Hopefully, you are experiencing one of the gifts the Lord gives to redeemed marriages. Your physicality is to be only a picture of your marriage rather than the essence of it. Christ elects and saves His people into holiness so that, in part, Christian husbands and wives can grow to know Him and love one another in such a way that they begin to long more for heaven’s glorious gifts than they do earth’s fading ones.

Sexual relations are glorious. Yet, this glory was designed by God not ultimately for the pleasure that it brings, but for the taste that it gives. 

Contrary to how it might be used, the Song of Songs is not about sex techniques; rather, it is a book written to help you know, feel and long for the intimacy of your Savior’s love, to be able to proclaim with experiential faith, “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.” This earthly glory is melting away because a far greater and more pleasurable one is coming.

If only we talked about that glory more. Concentrating on lesser truths or even half-truths makes us miss so much.