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Don’t Forget to Land the Plane—3 Ways to End Your Sermon

2.  Ask people to SIGN UP for something.

Another common ending is to ask people to take a next step. Whether it’s a class or a group, a volunteer opportunity or online giving, calling people to take action is a great way to end a message. When you connect the content of the sermon to the action step at the end, it’s powerful.

When you’re asking people to sign up, make it easy for them.

Can they sign up by texting something to a particular number. Can they fill out a card that only has two or three blanks. Can they drop the card in the offering bucket instead of standing in a line at a table?

If you make the step simple, more people will take it.

3.  Ask people to PRAY something.

Another way you could end your message is to ask everyone to close their eyes and walk them through a guided prayer. Ask them to pray silently as you pray out loud. 

But don’t tack this on … really think it through. 

Connect your prayer to the message and give people the opportunity to talk to God.

Those are just three ways you can land the plane this week. What are some of the great landings you’ve seen?  

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