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5 Things Your Church Needs to Spend MORE Money on Next Year

As church leaders, we need to be strategic investors in the future of our ministry. There are no prizes for spending the least amount of money.

The goal is to spend every dollar that our people give to us on expenses that will push the ministry forward. We’re called to find high leverage opportunities that will help us achieve our mission more quickly.

Below are a few areas that I think churches chronically underspend on … to the point where it might actually be holding back their mission!

How do you read the story of the investors in Matthew 25? It’s not about hoarding the resources the Father has given us … it’s about investing them in a way that sees the largest return possible.

Here are ways to increase your spending in areas that will return for your community.

1. Family ministry environments.

One of the universal truths that I’ve come to believe is that the most creative and dedicated leaders in most churches are in family ministry. They do an amazing job week in and week out communicating the message of Jesus in ways that connect at a deep level with the next generation.

Family ministry people are on the front line of ensuring that the church doesn’t slip into irrelevance because of our inability to reach that next generation.

But here is the tension … most of your people and guests have no idea what happens in there.

All they see is the “check in” area and then go away. They judge the value of the ministry on what they see.

Does the physical environment communicate the amazing things that are happening in there? Maybe more to the point … does the physical space communicate to your family ministry team how much you value them?

What could you do next year to upgrade the physical space that your family ministry people use?

2. Regular volunteer meals.

We provide a free meal for every volunteer each weekend at our church. This isn’t cheap.

In our four different locations, we do a wide variety of things … at some locations, we rent out local burger joints, sometimes we cater in a Chinese food buffet, plus we know every place to get hundreds of breakfast sandwiches on a Sunday morning in our cities!

The relationships that are developed around these meals are priceless … this is literally putting our “community building” value where our mouth is.

How could you add this next year?

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Rich serves as Operations Pastor at Liquid Church in the Manhattan facing suburbs of New Jersey. He blogs at UnSeminary.com and is a sought after speaker and consultant on multisite, pastoral productivity and communications.