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5 Things Your Church Needs to Spend MORE Money on Next Year

3. Free t-shirts.

I love that all of our volunteers, whether you are a Wall Street tycoon or just coming out of a residential 12-step program, all wear the same t-shirts! This year, we are on pace to give away almost four times our average Sunday attendance!

We give them to first time guests as a thank you gift for coming … everyone who volunteers (even for just a couple hours!) gets a t-shirt … plus we have some special shirts here and there.

T-shirts help identify people as a part of the team. They have a higher perceived value than actual cost … people do love a great free t-shirt.

4. Way too much signage.

When your guests arrive on a weekend, do they know where to go? Probably not!

If your regular people don’t look at your signage and think “that’s way too much” then you don’t have enough.

An abundance of signage is all about going out of the way to make your guests feel welcome.

What if next year you set out to double the amount of signage you had? (And then doubled it again the following year?)

There is no such thing as too much signage … really. Next time you are in an airport … notice how much signage they have pointing you in the right direction. That’s a good starting point for how much signage you need.

It stinks if people miss their flight because they don’t know where they are going … if our guests turn around and leave because they don’t know where to go … it’s a tragedy!

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Rich serves as Operations Pastor at Liquid Church in the Manhattan facing suburbs of New Jersey. He blogs at UnSeminary.com and is a sought after speaker and consultant on multisite, pastoral productivity and communications.