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You Might Be Crazy Enough to Plant a Church If …

8. You love your city like Jesus.

Jerusalem, the city that rejected Jesus more than any other, was the city he loved most.

Not long before he was crucified just outside the walls, Jesus wept over the city he longed to save. He knew returning to Jerusalem for his final passover sealed his fate, but he loved the city and what it represented so much he refused to stay away.

And it cost him his life.

The truly successful church planter, the one who makes a lasting difference, is willing to lay down his life for his city.

His heart is broken by the lostness he sees and he can’t imagine ministering anywhere else. If he has to work two jobs to feed his family, he will.

The one thing he won’t do is abandon his city.

Are you a church planter (or someone who will help plant a church)?

Are you obsessed with a city?

Are you willing to do anything to reach that city?

Can you take a punch?

Can you mold a group of losers and outcasts into a band of mighty men?

If you’re just that crazy, then yes, you might be a church planter.