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Don’t Let Unclear Leadership Go NUCLEAR

I was working out on the elliptical one day and watching the TV on the wall of the gym. During the news, I was reading the closed captioning and noticed the word “unclear.” If you switch those first two little letters, you get the word “nuclear” …

… and then my mind exploded with thoughts.

How frustrating is it when people, circumstances and life in general are unclear?

Sometimes, it makes you want to go nuclear!

I’m a worship leader in a church. That means one of my biggest challenges is the sound system. It’s a challenge every week to hit that sweet spot for all the ears within its path.

One thing I learned from a professional technician years ago was that most of the time when people complain about the sound being too loud, what they’re really saying is that it’s unclear.

This means the mix is bad. It’s frustrating to hear live music with a bad mix. That always means that clarity is lacking.

As a leader, in general, I’ve found that clarity is incredibly vital in leading others.

When I’m unclear, things tend to get nuclear very quickly.

It’s frustrating to be led by someone who is unclear about what they want from you and unclear about the general direction of things. It leads everyone nowhere and induces eventual chaos … all because of being unclear.

I’ve learned that most people that have placed themselves under my leadership are totally fine following me, as long as I give clear direction and have a clear purpose and vision.

When things are blurry, morale can drop in a hurry.

So, how can leaders avoid the unclear/nuclear debacle?

Here are a couple of ideas …