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Don’t Let Unclear Leadership Go NUCLEAR

Leaders that invite critique, grow and lead those under them better and better. Ask your people how well you’re communicating.

Leaders need to be clear in their dedication and communication.

Leaders never get away with being unclear.

Things may sustain for a while, but something will eventually give.

You’ll hear it—people will be confused, frustrated and they’ll start to grumble. Before you know it, disgruntlement will set in.

Then, you’ll see it—things won’t get done, morale will drop and, eventually, so will the bomb.

The mushroom cloud will bellow up and reveal the need for clarity. Sometimes, it will be too late.

We can avoid the nuclear, if we avoid being unclear.

You can’t expect those under you to accomplish something that you haven’t clearly defined.

Pursue clarity, starting with yourself, the leader, and then watch it domino into a positive wave leading to your end goal!