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Pastor Secrets: 5 Things Your Pastor Wishes He Could Tell You

2. I also have doubts.

I realize you might think my faith is rock solid. And in the end, it actually is quite strong.

But I have days when I’m not sure my prayers make it past the ceiling. I have days when I read the scriptures and it seems like just another book. And I have days when I wonder where God is in the middle of this. Just like you.

But I’ll tell you why I can’t let my faith go or shake it. Because God’s faithfulness keeps overshadowing my doubts.

God has been consistently patient, kind, gracious and giving toward me. And he has been toward you too.

And the days when the prayers seem empty and the scriptures seem cold are inevitably followed by the days in which God’s presence is almost palpable and the scriptures read me.

So don’t let your doubts do you in. Persist through them. I have and I do, and all I keep finding is the faithfulness of Christ. You will too.

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