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Pastors Should Earn Meager Salaries—and 7 Other Church Money Myths

Speaking on money from the pulpit is not taboo.

If you’re a pastor, you should teach on money often. Your congregation is hungry for it.

Here are the eight most common church money myths that I’ve encountered.

Debunking 8 common church money myths:

1. “All the church cares about is my money.”

Are there some bad apple pastors who inappropriately coerce their people to give? Absolutely. But they represent the minority.

The majority of churches, those with a passion to reach the lost, don’t talk about money enough.

Faith and finances are intricately linked.

It’s your responsibility to help your people grow in this important spiritual discipline.

2. “If I talk about money, people will leave.”

People are going to leave your church. They leave for lots of reasons.

Disagreements with the pastor. The music. The color of the walls.

But seldom do people leave because you preach the Bible. When you talk on money, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

The only people who get mad when you talk on money are those who aren’t giving.

Don’t neglect this important topic because of people who aren’t even investing in the vision of your church.

3. “My congregation doesn’t want to hear me preach on money.”

Don’t preach a bunch of sermons titled “Why You Are REQUIRED to Give!!!” (or something like it).

This is a topic that requires grace.

But the Bible has a lot more to say about money than simply giving.

It teaches about budgeting, debt, saving, investing, etc. Your average person is hungry for teaching in all of these areas.

Be bold and teach them what the Bible says. Your church will be blessed as a result.

4. “If we take out a loan and build a new building, our church will grow.”

A new building is not the solution for a struggling church.

“Nowhere in the Bible is debt used to further the Kingdom of God.”

That’s not to say that churches should never have debt. Debt is not a sin.

But things must be done in the right order.

A church should never take on mortgage debt if it doesn’t already have financial margin (i.e., a three to six month emergency fund).