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Why Isn’t Your Church Growing? 10 Gut-Checks

3. You’re not that awesome to be around.

Fake. Judgmental. Hypocritical. Angry. Narrow. Unthinking. Unkind.

Those are adjectives often used to describe Christians, and sometimes they have their basis in truth.

There are certain people who are energizing to be around. Unfortunately, too many Christians today don’t fit that description. Jesus was mesmerizing. Paul caused conflict for sure, but he had many deep relationships and incredible influence. The early church was known for compassion and generosity.

If people truly don’t want to be around you, don’t let the reason be because you haven’t let Christ reshape your character or social skills.

4. You’re focused on yourself.

Too many churches are focused on their wants, preferences and perceived needs. They are self-focused organizations full of self-focused people. It should be no surprise that outsiders never feel welcomed, valued or included.

If you want to reach people, you can’t be self-focused. After all, a life devoted to self ultimately leaves you alone.

5. You think culture is the enemy.

If all you ever are is angry at the culture around us, how are you going to reach people in that culture? Christians who consistently expect non-Christians to act like Christians baffle me (I wrote about that here).

If you treat your unchurched neighbor like an enemy, why would he ever want to be your friend?

6. You’re afraid to risk what is for the sake of what might be.

Let’s face it, at least you’ve got something going for you. You’re paying the bills. You at least have X amount of people.

And if you’ve had any modicum of success recently, you’re going to be hesitant to risk what is for what could be. The greatest enemy of your future success is your current success.

When you’re perpetually afraid to risk what is for the sake of what might be, you might as well cue the funeral music now.