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Why Isn’t Your Church Growing? 10 Gut-Checks

7. You can’t make a decision.

Governance will become a major issue for future churches. When your decision making is rooted in complex bureaucracy or congregational approval for every major change, it makes decision making difficult and courageous change almost impossible.

To get a glimpse of the kind of constitutional set-up effective churches will need in the future, don’t miss Jeff Brodie’s awesome post on what every church constitution needs.

8. You talk more than you act.

Most church leaders love to think and love to debate issues.

Effective leaders add one more component. They act.

Most church leaders I know overthink and underact. If you acted on even a few more of your good ideas, you could possibly be twice as effective in a very short timeframe.

9. You don’t think there’s anything wrong with your church.

I still run into a surprising amount of leaders and church members who love their church but can’t figure out why no one else does.

Well, those churches are on their way to soon having not much more than a small club for the already convinced.

10. You’re more focused on growth than you are on God.

Some leaders get so jacked up about growth that they forget it’s about God and his mission. This is just a danger every motivated leader needs to keep in mind.

We’re leading people to Jesus, not to ourselves or our awesome church. Keeping the focus on Christ ensures that genuine life-change happens and lasts.

These are 10 things I see holding our churches back.

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment!