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3 Reasons You Should Drive Your Staff Crazy

Recently, I made a statement in hearing shot of one of our staff pastors. I said, “I’m driving the staff crazy!”

He said, “At least you’re driving bro, we don’t like it when you’re not driving.”

More encouraging words could not have been spoken to me. You see, last year was a healing year for me. After a tremendously difficult emotional battle, I’m fully engaged again after what seems like an eternity.

When I was down emotionally, I didn’t have the passion or vision to lead, and certainly not to lead well.

“Driving” is not a negative word; in this context, driving is the crazy, electrified atmosphere when there’s controlled chaos for Kingdom growth.

I think when a leader is driving, they are leading well.

I think when you drive like that, you produce three things …

1. Driving shows vision.

When you’re driving, those on your team can see there’s a destination in mind. There’s a sense of purpose that can be shared with the leaders and flows to the entire church.

2. Driving brings passion.

Passion is the fuel for the journey. When a leader has a real God-given vision, passion will fuel that vision to its completion. When a leader demonstrates that kind of passion, those who follow will also engage with passion.

If the leader ain’t hot, the followers CANNOT get hot.

3. Driving has direction.

Direction is basically the small things. On the heels of passion comes the natural question, “What can we do?” A leader who leads well will put systems, processes and plans together that allow those on the team to lead in their strengths and be challenged to develop new skills.

Have you got all three of these? Which is the hardest to gain, or maintain?  

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