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If You’re Experiencing These 7 Warning Signs, You’re About to Burn Out

I’ve been there. I’ve faced burnout and frustration in my work. Thankfully, I’ve never “bottomed out,” but I’ve felt near the bottom in my spirit. More than that, I’ve walked through these times with dozens of other leaders. 

I’ve learned there are some common indicators that a leader is heading toward burnout. The sooner we can recognize them, the sooner we know to reach out for help. 

Here are seven indicators you’re heading for burnout.

1. Isolation.

When the leader begins to avoid others, something is wrong. Leadership involves people. Not all leaders are overly communicative, but when the leader tries to avoid people who need the leader’s attention, something is wrong. Some leaders begin to question people around them. They struggle with mistrust or fear that others are talking about them, questioning them or out to get them. 

2. Excuses.

When the leader always has an answer to why he or she was late, blames others for everything or can’t see his or her own shortcomings, they are struggling with something. It may be burnout.  

3. Hidden sins.

Many people hide in their sins, but burnout causes “secret,” deep sins. These are often new vices hidden from people who normally know you.

The person who never drank before … is now drinking often. Someone who never struggled with pornorgraphy before suddenly can’t avoid it … and justifies it as a “release.” 

4. Apathy.

When you don’t care anymore. And, you don’t really care that you don’t care anymore. 

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