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4 Powerful Prayers for Your Church

3. Spiritual fullness.

A spiritually empty church is an unhealthy church. God desires for us to experience His fullness not only in our individual lives but also in the life of the church.

This fullness comes from knowing and being acquainted with the love of Christ. We may not be able to fully understand the great depths of God’s love, but experiencing it firsthand can lead to change and spiritual fullness.

Notice spiritual fullness does not come from being “better” or doing “more” than another church. It is easy to spend time comparing ourselves and the ministries we are involved in to another individual or church.

Here’s the deal: A spiritually full church does not get there by outdoing another, it gets there by experiencing the love of God and doing His work regardless of what others are doing. A spiritually full church is a productive and loving church. Let us pray for a full church.

4. Glorifying existence.

In verses 20 and 21, Paul talks about a God-glorifying church. This church is one that is fulfilling its purpose: to glorify the one who is able to do more and more than anything that we can ask or think.

Through the spreading of the gospel message, through the preaching of Christ Jesus, we may glorify God in our churches and fulfill our purpose. Truth is, if this does not come before everything else and is not our driving force behind church work, we are not doing what we ought to. If this is not our priority, we are trying to do “The Lord’s work” without The Lord.

The success of a church is not based on number or programs or music, it is solely based on the question: Are we out to glorify God no matter what? A God-glorifying church is a purposed church. Let us pray for a God-glorifying church.

Again, I want to say that all of the prayers that I mentioned above are great! I am always happy to hear people pray for their church. I have found that the four things listed that Paul prayed about were things that I had not thought of. So, let us:

Pray for a strong church.

Pray for a wise church.

Pray for a spiritually full church.

Pray for a God-glorifying church.  

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Bryan Marler has been the pastor of Marysville Missionary Baptist Church in Marysville, Ohio since 2013. Previously he was a Youth Pastor and a fill-in preacher from 2010 to 2013. He has a passion for social media and ministry but his number one passion is preaching the Word of God. He is currently in his fourth year at Michigan Missionary Baptist Seminary, graduating in the spring with a Bachelors degree in Bible and marrying his fiancé, Kylie, in April of 2014. You can find him online at bryanjmarler.com or on twitter via @MarlerPreaches