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How the Coming Boomer Crisis Will Impact Your Church

What can and should be done

The first thing that needs to happen is an awareness of the coming problem.

I find that no one is talking about this. You can’t address a problem you are unaware of. Sooner or later, this will be an issue for your church. Now is the time to do something about it.

The question is, what can be done?

For one, you need an estate planning mechanism in place. Currently, I am at 57 years of age. I have begun to think about my retirement and what legacy I want to leave behind. Your church should be planning on helping your Boomers think strategically about their retirement years and beyond.

Trust me, those Boomers’ alma maters are thinking about that. Other charities are thinking about your Boomers and the future of their legacy. So if others are fishing in your pond, why would you not have your lure in the water?

Finally, we need to realize that stewardship education is essential if we are to reverse the decline in giving.

In our attempt to attract the masses, churches have all too often watered down their stewardship message. The results are the continual decline in giving. We must finds ways to fully engage the next generations to give to our mission and ministry causes. Unless we replace the lost dollars of the Boomers, we will be closing down many churches.

If there is any bright light to this, it is that we still have time to implement a plan of action. Also, I can remember when many thought the selfish Baby Boomers would never be generous. In our maturity, we showed those fears to be inaccurate.

Could it be that another generation will rise to fill the void of retiring Boomers? Let’s pray and work to that end.