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Mark Driscoll Makes Plans to "Reset" His Life, Says "Angry Young Prophet Days Are Over"

Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll has written a bold letter to his congregation explaining his new vision for his life and ministry. First, Driscoll appears to have retracted his claims to his status as a “No. 1 New York Times bestseller,” saying he has discovered that marketing campaign used for his book sales was “manipulative.” Driscoll also said he regrets the handling of the turnover of key staff members at Mars Hill. Significantly, he has chosen to remove himself from social media for the remainder of the year and do much less traveling, speaking and writing.

“In the last year or two, I have been deeply convicted by God that my angry-young-prophet days are over, to be replaced by a helpful, Bible-teaching spiritual father,” Driscoll wrote. “Those closest to me have said they recognize a deep change, which has been encouraging because I hope to continually be sanctified by God’s grace.”

“I don’t see how I can be both a celebrity and a pastor,” he also wrote, “and so I am happy to give up the former so that I can focus on the latter.”

Driscoll now plans to focus on his family, on preaching, on training leaders and planting churches.

“Personally, I find this all relieving. The pressure and pace has increased every year since I started in 1996. I don’t want to be burned out or angry, and I want to become more like Jesus every year. I want to teach the Bible, love well, and run at a pace to finish my race many decades from now.”

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