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Secretly Worried That Heaven Will Be Boring? You’re Not Alone

The other day, my daughter confessed to me that she’s scared heaven will be boring. 

When I asked her why, she said, well, I just figured we’re all going to be wearing robes and kneeling down before a giant throne for all of eternity, and that’s not fun. 

I told her she was right, that’s exactly what heaven is going to be like, except we’re also going to be singing. 


First we’ll sing every Chris Tomlin song in every language (which should last a couple hundred years) then we’ll make our way through every Christian song ever written. 

You know that guy who started a Christian band in his basement with his buddies while eating hot pockets and playing video games in their underwear? 

Yeah, we’re going to sing his songs too, because in heaven, there are no crappy songs as long as they’re about Jesus. 

OK, so maybe I didn’t tell her that. It is what most of us picture, though, isn’t it? At least it’s what I used to think. 

I used to think heaven would be so boring because all we’d be doing is singing, but I guess that’s a small price to pay for living on streets paved with gold and having the ability to fly around like superman. 

Silly logic, but that’s how I reasoned through the mystery of heaven as a kid. 

Ironically, as an adult, I feel like I still have so many questions about heaven, but I have learned a couple of things that have heightened the depth of my longing for heaven.

1. Heaven is all about Jesus.

And as cliche as that sounds, that is an awesome thing. No, it’s better than awesome. It’s so good, no words could describe it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this post.  

2. There will be no more tears or pain in heaven. 

Close your eyes for 30 seconds and imagine a world with no sin. Imagine the world the way it was meant to be. 

No more pain. 
No more murders. 
No more abuse. 
No more sex slaves. 
No more death. 
No more cancer. 
No more sickness. 
No more foreclosures or bankruptcy. 
No more loss of kids. 
No more public shootings. 
No more divorce. 
No more miscarriages. 
No more domestic violence. 
No more betrayals. 
No more depression. 
No more anxiety. 
No more comparisons. 
No more jealousy, envy or slander. 
No more relational strife. 
No more fruitless labor. 
No more broken homes. 
No more fear. 


Yes, forever we will be free from sin and its curse. 

To be honest with y’all, there are still plenty of days when my heart favors life on earth as opposed to the mystery life Jesus promised us in heaven. 

But then there are days when I turn on the news and I hear of shootings, or I go on Facebook and see a post about a family who had to bury a toddler, or I look at my kids and realize I have no ultimate control over their future. 

On those days, I long for heaven.  

I long to be free with Jesus and with you, and I long for the the world to be free from pain. 

Come, Lord Jesus. 

Come soon. 

What stood out to you from the “no more list” and why? What are some things you long for the world to be free from?   

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Sammy grew up in Nigeria. He is currently the Young Adult Pastor at North Point Church. He's also a national speaker for The Mocha Club. He lives in Ohio with his wife Ashley, daughter Bebe and saint bernards MJ and Milo.