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How Should Pastors Handle Church Problems?

4. Bring your church along.

While this may be rare, there are times when specific church problems need to be brought before the church.

The level of the problem will determine whether your church needs to be informed publicly. Again, while this may be rare, there are times when we need to bring the church along. Usually, if it comes to this, others are already aware. How the issue is dealt with reflects on the integrity of the church.

Rather than mentioning specific problems, let me just say this: It is through these moments of crisis when leadership is often born. Always be biblical. Seek godly counsel. Be wise. Move slowly when needed. Move quickly if needed. This is why you need others around you as a leader.

5. Be prayerful.

As a pastor, depending on God is far wiser than depending on yourself.

While prayer cannot keep you problem free, God can use it to deliver you of many problems. Prayer moves the heart of God and the hearts of people. I have prayed away many problems. I have seen God step in and do miraculous things. I have been on the brink of having to deal with a problem, but then God delivered.

Prayer also changes our heart and view of the problem.

We become wiser when we pray. We become more compassionate when we pray. We become more courageous when we pray. As a pastor, one of the wisest things you can ever do is pray daily through challenges you are facing.

Pastor, God will see you through. Depend on Him.  

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