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9 Things That Will MAKE or BREAK Pastors

There are few things I enjoy more than listening to great leaders who are excellent communicators. Their ability to speak with intelligence and deliver insightful content in a concise manner is absolutely captivating.

One such leader is ESPN football analyst Louis Riddick. Riddick is a former pro player, scout and most recently, director of pro personnel of the Philadelphia Eagles. When he speaks about talent acquisition and management, we need to listen. His insights (which you can read by clicking here) on leadership and the quarterback position are something all leaders need to be aware of.

As I listened to Riddick’s analysis, I realized the incredible application it had for pastors and church leaders. As a result, I gleaned the following Nine Things That Can Make or Break Pastors and Church Leaders from Riddick’s interview:

1. Your Church’s Culture and DNA

It is important to have complete understanding of your culture and DNA when hiring and cultivating Christian leaders. Riddick says, “The quarterback is a context-driven scouting position.”

2. Character and Intelligence

A pastor and church leader’s talent can often take them to a place where their character cannot sustain them. When discussing what makes quarterbacks successful, Riddick continues, “His mental makeup. His personal character. His football character. His functional intelligence … how smart is he under duress.”

3. Preparation for What Is NOT on the Job Description

Intangibles, street smarts and relational intelligence are very important to a person’s success. Riddick says, “It’s very scheme specific. It’s very organizationally specific. … What are you like as an organization? What’s this player going to be like in your organization? How’s he going to react, not in the meeting room but the locker room? What about the demands on him outside of football? There is a confluence of things that have to align perfectly to get the best out of a player.”