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5 Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women

A wise man once told me that when I find myself around single women, especially when I find them attractive or interesting, I should mention my wife and family early in the conversation. I have found this advice to be very useful on many occasions.

Fellow husbands, I have found the above advice and the other tips at the bottom to be essential in keeping my marriage healthy and strong. I want my marriage to be strong and healthy, and so should you! In fact, it’s one of the biggest responsibilities in your marriage.

So let’s dig deeper into this subject. Where are some common places that you might run into this scenario?

For many of you, it could easily happen at work. You could be starting a new job and find yourself around a lot of nice, new women. When this happens, you have to make the choice to embrace their attention or extinguish it in a friendly way by mentioning your beautiful wife and family.

For some of you, you have been working around the same women for some time. You might have chosen many times to engage in flirty conversation or to go out with co-workers after work. If this is you and your wife is at home waiting for you, then it’s time to step back and assess your position as the husband and leader. Take the necessary steps to make your relationship with your wife the most important one again and don’t forget it.

Lead, gentlemen, lead!

Even though those were only a couple of quick examples, I know there are a few of you out there who need to step up your role as a husband. Those examples don’t apply to you? Then consider who you know and talk to at your gym, the grocery store, the local hangout or wherever. These “simple” places could produce difficult relationships that will harm your relationship and love with your wife.

Man up and do what needs to be done for your marriage!

Now that I have your attention, here are five things every married man should do around single women:

1. Keep your ring on. 

There are very few exceptions for when that ring needs to be off, like when operating heavy machinery, swimming in shark-infested waters and the like.

If you are about to enter a situation that makes you look at your ring and consider if you need it on or not, leave! Run! Get away from there!

Seriously, get out of that situation; your vows, marriage, children and more depend on those important decisions. (Read Luke 16:10.)