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5 Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women

5. Talk about your wife and family often. 

Did I mention anything about talking about your wife in conversation yet? I believe I did, but this last point brings the idea to a firm home.

The single women you engage with each day, if you have to, should be no match to your wife and family. Your family should be your first priority wherever you are and with whomever you encounter each day.

Yes, each and every day.

Keep it short, keep it simple and mention your beautiful wife. Now, pat yourself on the back and keep it up. (Read Ephesians 5:25-33.) 

Important note: No matter what you have done with your current relationships with single women, these steps can and should be started at any time. Your wife’s feelings are and will always be more important then the woman you need to take these steps with. Get on it!

I challenge you to take these bold steps for you, your marriage and your family. Again, it’s your responsibility to lead!

List one of your own tips below, and let’s help out our fellow husbands.  

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