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5 Traits of the Most Magnetic Leaders

1. They ask caring questions.

They ask questions that go far beyond superficial interest. They draw me out with pointed questions that show they genuinely care about me, and it never sounds scripted.

2. They listen to me.

They allow me to fully vent or explain without making me feel like I’m “on the clock” with them. They demonstrate their authenticity by giving me their time (their most valuable asset) without complaint.

3. They give … knowing it can’t be returned.

They are genuine and sincere givers. They share ideas that cost them years, dollars and blood. But, they pay it forward with joy believing I’m a good place to reinvest costly wisdom and insight.

4. They push others forward.

They don’t say, “This is what I do.” They generally give the credit to the person who taught them; they don’t communicate in a way that points to their own success. However, they take all the responsibility of the failures that produced the high-earned wisdom.

5. They NEVER speak poorly of others.

They have tremendous loyalty to the Kingdom and to the wounded and wrong warriors among us. I know my failings will always be addressed but never spoken of in such a manner that someone would ever question my character.   

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