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7 Essentials for Leading Creative Teams

5. Be willing to push us.

Once we have built trust, we want to be pushed. Encourage us to start over, do better and try harder. Don’t let us become stereotypical.

6. Don’t freak out with step one of the process.

Sometimes the best idea is not the first idea. It might take us some time and refining to get there, but when we do everyone will be happy. Give it space. Push us to review it, think about it, see how it fits, but know we have a desire for it to be more awesome than you could imagine.

7. Remember why you hired us.

You didn’t hire us to “fit in,” “follow all the rules” or “be like everyone else.”

You hired us because you knew you needed something different so your organization could get better.

When we don’t fit, it is a good thing. When we start to fit in and you are not correcting us from time to time, that is when you should be most worried because in that moment we have probably lost our edge.

There are a ton of other things that can help us work together, but I think this is a great jumping off point.

What would you add to this list from your experience?   

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Stephen Brewster is the Creative Arts Pastor at @crosspoint_tv in Nashville, TN.