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3 Ways Pastors KILL (and Are Killed by) Ministry

2. The driven visionary.

The classic entrepreneurial church-planting type.

Strong leadership personality, holder of the vision,

Type A personality, charismatic and gifted in rallying people around a cause.

This type of leader tends to be driven and hard-driving.

In the common tongue, a “workaholic.” Didn’t realize/forgot that tucking their kids in at night was something “normal” people do.

Worst fear: Not achieving stated visionary goals and/or not being seen as “successful.”

The smart ones recognize that they aren’t as “pastoral” in their gift-mix, so they hire associates to handle the care-giving aspects. But their example (workaholic) sets the pace for every other associate pastor and ministry leader as well.

Type A leaders tend to be able to keep the pace they’ve set, but pastoral associates aren’t typically as driven and burn out under the pressure and demands of the Driven Visionary. DVs cause others to burn out long before they do.

But even Driven Visionaries eventually crack under their self-imposed pressure (usually health or marriage crisis).

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