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How to Win the Spiritual Jackpot

2. Respond to God’s promises (without question).

In response to God’s promise, Abram leaves his father and family and goes out, just like the Lord tells him to, in the exact direction he was instructed.

Genesis 13 tells us that God blessed his family as they went, which is always a happy benefit; but notice Abram doesn’t second-guess what God has asked him to do.

He doesn’t try to figure out all the details ahead of time.

He simply trusts that, if God has called him in this direction, God will provide.

This is so hard for us, don’t you think?

When God calls us to do something, it’s so easy to let fear get in the way. We fear a tainted reputation; we fear an empty bank account; we fear the pain we’ll encounter along the way. But what if we just trusted? What if we counted on God to provide?

3. Trust in God’s promises.

It’s not enough to listen to God’s promises, or to act on them. We have to trust in God’s promises.

If you read the rest of Genesis 14, you’ll see how Abram’s trust in God didn’t falter, even when things didn’t seem to go as planned. At one point, Abram turns down what would seem like a huge blessing from the King of Sodom.

He doesn’t need the blessing from Sodom.

He’s expecting a blessing from God.

How many of us are willing to turn down what seems like a huge, earthly blessing in exchange for the heavenly blessing we know is coming?

Is our trust really in God’s promises, or is it in the financial or material “blessings” around us?

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