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Sex, Millennials and the Church: Five Implications

4. Ironically, Millennials will not stick with churches that have no convictions. 

Liberal churches with compromising views on biblical sexuality will not attract and retain Millennials.

Though Millennials are indeed increasingly liberal in their views and actions on sexuality, they view churches as places that should be convictional and even counter-cultural.

5. The greater opportunity lies with those churches that are able to speak truth in love and to demonstrate that love.

The preceding sentence sounds a bit cliché, but it is increasingly a reality.

Many of our church members are very uncomfortable engaging, for example, a homosexual in a way that demonstrates the love of Christ.

But that is the world and the culture where our churches and Christians reside. We can choose to either engage or withdraw.

There are nearly 79 million Millennials. Most of them are not Christians. Indeed, we estimate in our research that only about 15 percent of those in this generation are believers in Christ.

So that means that this generation is a mission field of over 67 million men and women who do not know Christ.

We can bemoan the state of culture. We can withdraw from culture.

Or we can choose to love these sinners as Christ loved us sinners.

We should not and must not compromise our biblical convictions. But we should not and must not neglect to demonstrate the love of Christ to those who need Him as much as you and I do.  

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