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3 “Old School” Planning Rules That Still Work

I was flipping through my old photos the other night and I fell upon this one.

This was the “insert” for my old paper planner (2008) that served as the calendar’s book mark. When I looked at it closely, I realized I had become too “organized.” Sure, we all (well …) have moved to the electronic gizmos and apps that help us manage and invest our time more wisely.

However, in all that advancement, I have lost sight of three simple rules that I set for myself that have become dim.

1. Make broad strokes.

In the ’08 version, I had my day blocked off into three parts. Morning, afternoon and evening, with only one major objective for that block of time.

This helps maintain focus and prioritizes distractions that may arise.

2. Be consistent.

It’s been proven many times, those who work on a system that provides flexibility, but is consistent, are more productive. That may be the same thing as a habit, but I view those two differently.

Having consistency is when we do certain repetitive tasks that bring creativity and reduces stress.

3. Know your priorities.

When we make broad strokes and are consistent, it allows our priorities to stay at the top of the list. The most important things in our lives can quickly be swept away by right “sounding” labels and verbiage.

But, our priority is relationships … period! And those connections are the first to suffer when we become too micro and leave our time open for the loudest noise.

I love ‘Ole School!  

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