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THIS Is Your Real Competition on Sunday Mornings

Ask most pastors what their competition is on Sunday mornings, and you’ll quite possibly hear a list of what other churches in town are doing.

Most church leaders aren’t real competitive with most all of the churches in their town or region.

But most have at least one or two churches in their area that they feel a little heat from. 

It could be that the church is bigger.

It could be that they’re doing something unique. 

Or it might be that they are just getting a lot of ‘buzz’ or are the cool church to be at.

But the competition you have on Sunday morning really isn’t other churches. It’s largely a combination of the following things:

1. Apathy.

People aren’t going to bed on Saturday night or waking up on Sunday morning keenly aware of and interested in their spiritual lives.

2. Busyness.

When people don’t place a priority on attending church, other things take its place.

Sporting events, camping, sleeping in … just to name a few. 

(A fun experiment for you sometime … visit your closest Walmart sometime in between a couple of your Sunday morning services. It’s a great place to invite your casual worship attenders back to church).

Bottom line: Your church has not presented a good enough value proposition.

Now wait. I know that’s a business term. So please don’t jump all over me.

But if people enter your church on Sunday morning and don’t leave encouraged, challenged or changed in some way, there’s a good chance they won’t return the next weekend.