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Meet the Pastor Who Performed the Kim and Kanye Wedding

Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. of Trinity Church in Miami officiated the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on May 24 in Florence, Italy, lighting up social media and entertainment sites all over the Web. An article in People magazine explained that West and Kardashian met Wilkerson when they began attending Trinity unannounced one random Tuesday night about two years ago.

Wilkerson, 30, is an associate pastor at Trinity and leads its 1,500-member young adult ministry. His father is the senior pastor there. Trinity Church’s website tells of the church’s focus on inner-city ministry in the heart of Miami and is known for its diversity. Wilkerson comes from a family of pastors: His grandfather and great uncle even worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

Christian Post reported that, in 2013, Kanye West discussed his faith with a Bay-area hip-hop radio station, saying, “I’m Christian and I’m hip-hop.”

“… You mix those two things together and you want to express yourself a certain type of way and be bold and expressive … like, you seen all types of commercials growing up, you wanna be like Mike. You wanna be like this. For me, I wanna be like Christ,” explained West. “And that’s not to say to walk in his image or think it’s no God-complex, but if people pick a favorite Halloween character, it’s like that’s what I would pick. Don’t people pick what they look up to? So my thing from a design standpoint, that’s who I look up to most. It’s hard for me to look up to anyone else. I only look up to Jesus and to God. Everything I do anchors around it, nicknames itself to it, that’s like my hero,” he added.

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