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Wait, You Can Meet Jesus There? Seriously?

3. Absence

What do you do when you pray and hear nothing in response? When you reach for God, but God feels just beyond your fingertips?

We all experience moments when God seems distant, when we feel disconnected from God, when we find it difficult to communicate with God.

Absence describes the periods of spiritual darkness or spiritual silence when God seems to have left us. But the seeming absence of God is not like a noisy motor on the car you kept two years too long.

Instead, it’s like a fingerprint on a foggy window. Divine absence often serves a divine purpose by reminding us that something once pressed against the windowpanes of our lives and one day will press in again if we’ll wait for it.

4. Sacrilege

You cannot be culturally engaged and not find yourself in sacrilegious spaces.

But what I’ve noticed is that often the people and places labeled “sacrilegious” are merely mocking the thin shell of pseudo-righteousness often painted over those things. They are pointing to the holy emperor and telling the crowds the truth about his nakedness.

Rather than be repulsed by such things, maybe we should reflect: What religious maladies does this expose in my heart? This question transforms the sacrilegious to the sacred.

“There is nothing so secular that it cannot be sacred,” said Madeleine L’Engle, “and that is one of the deepest messages of the Incarnation.”

If we believe in a God who shows up in floating axe heads and talking donkeys and water in desert rocks, we believe in an unexpected God.

Start looking for Jesus in the detours and distant places of life, and you’ll likely find—as I have—that the answer to your spiritual emptiness has been in front of you all along.