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Youth Pastor Accused of Murder in Las Vegas; Grand Jury Reviewing Case

A Nothern California youth pastor is awaiting the review of his case by the grand jury after a late-night altercation outside a Las Vegas pub that led to a man’s death. Robert Cox, 35, from The Place of Refuge Church in Manteca, Calif., was arrested after a fight outside the Four Kegs pub in Las Vegas last June where he, his family and some interns from the church were taking a break from ministry activities in the area. Link Ellingson, 55, allegedly approached the church group in the parking lot and threatened them, which Cox attempted to defuse but ended up wrestling with Ellingson to the ground. Ellingson hit his head on the pavement, went unconscious, and died in a hospital after a six-month coma.

Ellingson’s wife Marie insists that her husband isn’t capable of saying or doing anything like what the church group reported. “Unfortunately, it’s been making me very sad. I’m a Christian myself,” Marie Ellingson said. “It’s discouraging to see a Christian church and to see these horrible things (they’re saying).”

It is unclear if the grand jury, whose proceedings are held in secret, will decide to indict Cox for murder.

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