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How To Hear God’s Voice: 5 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

3. Hearing God’s Voice Through Other People

Sometimes the clearest words from the Lord come through other people, don’t you think?

Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to hear God’s voice with things that aren’t so close to us.

Sometimes it comes in the form of prophecy: Someone else was listening to God, and he told them to tell you something.

But, perhaps more often, it is simply a reminder of what’s true. It’s one way of how to hear God’s voice.

I forget sometimes that God is faithful, and just at that moment, someone will send me a text telling me that God is faithful. God uses other people to encourage us and to remind us about his character.

4. Hearing God’s Voice Through Special Circumstances

When talking about hearing from God in special circumstances, we often use the analogy of a door. “God opened the door for us to move there,” we say. Or “God, please close the doors to all schools you don’t want me to go to.”

This works especially well when God has something specific in mind for us to do.

If there’s a job he wants you to take, it may be the only option left. Or if he wants you to go to a certain school, he may provide a generous scholarship to aid in your decision.

But God’s voice through circumstances doesn’t always come in the form of doors opening and closing. Sometimes it’s more subtle than that. Sometimes there are smaller, less definitive circumstances that point us in a direction.

Pay attention to the things you’re seeing and hearing.

What are they discussing at church? What events are unfolding around you? Those can often be a way of hearing God’s voice even when it doesn’t come in the form of a door slamming or swinging wide open.