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How To Hear God’s Voice: 5 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

5. Hearing God’s Voice Through Dreams and Visions

In dreams and visions, God shows us something we can then use to do his will or to help us understand what’s going on around us.

These dreams and visions are different from the daydreams your mind entertains when you’re zoned out in a particularly long meeting.

So how do you know the difference?

In my experience, dreams and visions from God can be uniquely recognized because they’re out of your normal thought pattern, coming seemingly from out of nowhere.

Start writing down your dreams when you wake up in the morning—look to see if you can learn something from them. Also, pay attention to where your mind drifts during the day. God might be showing you something new.

The trickiest part of hearing from God is that we sometimes wonder if we’re making it up. Hearing from God is not a foolproof science, and our doubts can get the best of us. That’s fair. We’re not God, and sometimes we hear what we want to hear.

But here are a few filters I use when trying to discern if something is from God:

  1. Check what you hear against scripture. God will never contradict his word.
  2. Does what you’re hearing resonate with you as something God might be saying?
  3. Submit what you hear to wise, godly council. See what they’re hearing about it.

Our God is not silent, and the more time we spend with him, the more we’ll recognize the prompting of his voice. Be ready about how to hear God’s voice.

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