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Here's How Your Church Can Avoid the Summer Giving Slump

About three weeks ago, my church passed the offering plate on Sunday morning and took up about $500.

That was the combined total for two Sunday morning worship services.

Doesn’t seem very impressive, huh?

Most multisite churches with multiple paid staff members would have hit the panic button, but my church didn’t.


Because that same Sunday, Northpark Church received over $10,000 online.

Our congregation gave in the manner that we asked them to give.

Here’s a fact:

“Fully funded churches ALWAYS embrace digital giving.”

If your church doesn’t offer online giving, you’re limiting your congregation’s generosity and your church’s ministry impact.

It’s very important! There’s no way around it.

In fact, online giving should be the preferred method of giving at your church.

If you want to avoid the summer giving slump, promote and encourage online giving.

Here are the three steps that will help you do so.

1. Educate

Don’t assume that just because you offer online giving, your congregation knows about it.

Every Sunday during your offering talk, remind your congregation that online/mobile giving is available.

Each time I receive the offering, I say:

Thank you to everyone who has already given online, on their mobile phones through the SecureGive app or via the giving kiosk located at the rear of the sanctuary.

With one simple statement, I’ve informed the church of ALL of the digital giving methods that are available at Northpark Church.