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Katy Perry and Why PKs Walk Away From the Church

Katy Perry is currently the highest profile PK that has gone awry. In a recent interview, she said she is no longer a Christian and doesn’t believe in heaven, hell or “an old man sitting on a throne.”

Katy represents a host of PKs who have struggled with their faith. Recent stats from Barna research say that …

  • 40 percent have gone through a period where they significantly questioned their faith.
  • 33 percent are no longer active in church.
  • 7 percent no longer consider themselves Christians.

What causes this? Pastors who were asked answered:

  • 28 percent—unrealistic expectations were placed on them.
  • 18 percent—negative experiences in church.
  • 17 percent—father or mother is too busy at church to spend time with them.
  • 14 percent—faith not modeled at home.
  • 9 percent—influence of friends or peers.

What pastors say they’ve done best in raising their kids:

  • 37 percent—introduced them to Christ and maintained a Bible-focused home.
  • 21 percent—spent time with them and supported them.
  • 12 percent—loved them.
  • 10 percent—taught them good values.
  • 9 percent—allowed them to make their own choices and be themselves.

 What pastors say they wish they had done better:

  • 42 percent—had spent more time with their kids.
  • 8 percent—wish they had been more understanding.
  • 5 percent—wish they had given them more Bible teaching.
  • 19 percent—no regrets, wouldn’t change anything.

I have a special place in my heart for kids who are PKs because I am one. I grew up to serve the Lord and live for Him. Looking back, here are a few reasons why …

My parents practiced what they preached. I could argue with what they believed, but I couldn’t argue with how they lived what they believed.

My dad and mom spent time with me. My dad spent hours with me in the backyard practicing pitching with me when I was in Little League. When I got into high school and played basketball, he was there in the stands cheering for me. My mom poured her life into me, always there for me.