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Why Leadership Is Overhyped

I’m a student of leadership.

I wrote a book recently for young leaders. (link)
I studied Christian leadership in college.
I write about leadership on this blog.
I run a website for young leaders. (link)
I help direct an organization for leaders in rural areas. (link)

But I think the leadership talk is overhyped.

Leadership content is everywhere. So many leadership resources say the same things and overpromise results that aren’t realistic.

Leadership cliches and quotes run wild in my Twitter stream.

And it all means nothing


the heart behind it all is just “leadership” and not people.

You see, leadership is a spiritual gift; it’s meant for the building up of other people and for the world to be changed for the better.

The second we make leadership more about the leader or the one generating the leadership content is the second we’ve ceased being “leaders” and begun being idolators.

Leadership matters. It’s important.

But the purpose behind it all is what really counts.

That’s where eternities, people and the world is changed.

That’s why “leadership” is overhyped.