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Create a Work Culture Where People Want to Stay

5. Pay for offices where people like to be.

Who wants to go to work in an environment that they hate? I believe that everything from lighting to the coffee machine must be considered for the employee’s comfort. Do the basics: Hire a janitorial service to take out the trash, get a water cooler, buy the right desks, make sure the Internet and telephone services are up to speed. Go above and beyond! Provide a fridge with drinks and snacks, allow employees to work half-days at times in the summer so they can enjoy family time, offer nice holiday means, include generous maternity and paternity leave, etc. Some of the best companies go above and beyond the basics to ensure the working environment is a great place to be. The payoff is an increase in productivity as well as company or church loyalty.

6. Work hard to clarify expectations and provide a clear picture of what success looks like.

When a person knows the goal they are shooting for, they experience a greater sense of satisfaction when they hit it. It is important that visionaries and managers within an organization clearly define expectations and goals. When we do so, we help our employees succeed. Without clear expectations, we breed anxiety. Who wants to work in a continual state of “I wonder if this is good enough”?

7. Provide people the opportunity to learn and grow.

Employees may inevitably move on, so do all you can to help them be better when they leave than when they first came. Provide professional and personal development opportunities. Pay for them to take class, to learn a new skill, or to grow through a workshop or by reading a book. Set a budget and allow employees to spend a percentage of their time at work developing their personal skills.

How can you find greater fulfillment at work? Look for an organization that includes the qualities and opportunities listed. How can you retain quality employees and breed loyalty for your company or church? Apply the principles outlined. Culture matters!