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7 Must-Ask Questions When Looking to Large-Church Ministry Leaders

4. What is the larger church doing in their own communities to meet needs?

When we look at larger churches and ministries, they normally serve a region and are quite effective at meeting larger needs of that region. However, what is this large church or ministry doing to meet the needs of the communities they reside in? Is the goal to maintain size? Or is the goal to be the best influence we can be for Christ regardless of the size?  

How is that large church or ministry meeting the needs of those within their own walls? How has the community surrounding the actual church location been influenced for the better for their being there?

5. Is there currently someone in my life I allow to speak into my shortcomings and faults?

If you get to the point of a large church or ministry, have you allowed certain people into your life to call you on your “stuff”? What has not been dealt with personally and spiritually at a smaller level becomes part of what could take it down at a larger level. 

No matter what the size of your church or ministry, ALWAYS have someone in your life that has the permission to speak directly to the blind spots of your personal life and ministry; listen to them and do whatever is necessary to correct your path. 

6. What are the financials for the last three years for these churches and ministries? 

Where the money goes, so goes the vision of the leadership. This applies to any size church or ministry. However, if you are going to choose someone to listen to, you should do your due diligence to see where the finances of their ministry or church are going.

For that matter, where are the finances of your church or ministry going?

7. What is the strategic purpose for your church in your community?

It may not be the same as that of the large church or ministry to whom you are seeking knowledge or counsel from. Talk with your ministry leaders and church leaders. What is God doing in your community that you need to become involved with? What is the reason you exist as a church or ministry?

Communicate it. Live it. Communicate it again. Live it. Passionately pursue excellence within the strategic purpose you believe God has for you and your church/ministry. 

There is no formula for attaining a large church or ministry status. The biggest caution you should watch out for is your own motive for seeking information from large churches or ministries. 

Only you and those closest to you can determine this at face value.   

Note: Dan Chrystal blogs at LostArtofRelationship.com.

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Dan Chrystal lives in Roseville, California with his wife, two daughters, son-in-law and grandson. He has over 20 years of ministry experience including Lead Pastor, Administrative Pastor, Associate Pastor, Worship Leader, and Youth Pastor. For the last twenty years, Dan has ministered in churches of all sizes. His passion to partner with churches/ministries to maximize their influence and reach led him to obtain his MBA focused on executive leadership. He is a mobile advanced trainer for The Leadership Training Institute that emphasizes and prioritizes foundations for emerging leaders. He has a voracious desire to see the local church maximize its potential in their communities through those who lead and attend those churches—the disciples of Jesus.