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8 Idols Church Leaders Still Worship Today

But God seems to use wilderness seasons in your life and in the life of your church to grow your character.

Besides, if your platform ever outgrows your character, you’re doomed anyway (I wrote about that here).

I know God has used seasons when I’m frustrated with progress to grow me.

I am still a reluctant convert to patience and trust. But I am thankful God is patient with me, even when I am not patient with God.

8. Balance

Some of you may be frustrated by now because this appears to be yet another leadership post written by yet another driven leader.

I know. I get that. Those are my demons.

But there is another idol lurking under the guise of work-life balance that’s worth identifying.

Often in the pursuit of a ‘balanced’ life, people can lose passion and commitment.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for rest, balance, margin and a life that doesn’t drain the life out of you. But balance can become code for barely working. Balance can become a synonym for not throwing your heart or weight into anything. (I wrote more about the trap of work-life balance here.) If that’s a temptation, just understand that’s an idol too. We have a God who asked us to love him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Most of the people I know who have accomplished significant things are not balanced people. They are passionate people. So be passionate in your work, in your family life, in your rest and in all you do. When you do, you will glorify God.

Those are eight idols I see and often struggle with in leadership.

What do you see that you worship today?