12 Practices of Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People

7.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Can’t Wait to Talk to People—Day 1 concluded with a dinner featuring Pastor Johnny as the guest speaker. He arrived early and immediately began going to various tables to speak with the pastors and church leaders.

8.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Are Generous—In addition to being generous with his time, Pastor Johnny provided each attendee with four complimentary resources including his three most recent books.

9.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Are Humble—Arrogance and love cannot occupy the same space. Pastor Johnny is one of the most recognized and successful pastors in America. However, he spent his time encouraging those in attendance with stories from his humble beginnings.

10.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Want to Bring Out the Best in Their People—Pastor Johnny’s message on generosity was both convicting and challenging. God used him to make us better leaders who could more effectively serve those in our churches.

11.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Do So Naturally—It is hard to find pastors who love people in their office. They want to be with the people. They cannot help it. During the Day 2 lunch, in walks Mike who returns and begins speaking with those in attendance. This was completely unexpected and unplanned, but since Mike loves people, what else would he be doing?

12.  Highly Successful Pastors Who Love People Generously Share Their Knowledge—Mike’s conversations ranged from facility use to how to impact your community and baseball recruiting. He connected deeply on a relational level. This was an added bonus and a special treat for these pastors and church leaders.

I am proud to call both Dr. Johnny Hunt and Mike Linch dear friends. They are two of the finest pastors and men I have ever met. They challenge me to be a better Christian and leader.

I gathered a lot of knowledge from them over two days as I always do. But what I learned most was about how to treat people. Pastor Johnny and Mike, it was truly a privilege to serve alongside you. I can’t wait to do it again!!!  

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Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.

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