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10 Secrets of Many Senior Pastors

Senior pastors find joy in our work, and, thankfully, most of us know we are in the center of God’s will vocationally. I don’t intend to take anything away from that in this post. We serve in a called position, so we are doing what we have been asked by God to do.

When I share any post like this, I have come to expect three things. First, someone will email to ask me if I’m OK. I am. Thank you. This is a good season in ministry and I’m serving in a healthy church. Second, I’ll receive a lecture on the need to depend on Christ for these issues, which only further demonstrates my points. Third, there will be someone who will say that these “secrets” are no different from any other person in the church. That may be true, but I can’t speak for everyone else.

Senior pastors are to fully rely on Christ’s strength, as is every other believer. This is just a reminder that we happen to also be like Elijah—”a man just like us” (James 5:17).

Pastors, anyone honest enough to agree?

Please know I’m praying for you as I post this.