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7 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

Take a risk—If you really want to succeed, you must be willing to risk failure. Every great dream has an element of risk involved, and the ones who achieve their dreams are the ones wiling to assume the risk.

Stay consistent—If you want to achieve your dreams, you will have to keep at the task, even during the set backs. Push yourself to complete scheduled action steps even on days you may not want to do anything. These is how habits are developed. Many give up too soon, often just before the tipping point toward success occurs. Unless you know it’s time to try another dream, stay consistent with the one in front of you.

Get started—The longer you wait, the more you delay achievement and the less likely you are to begin. If you know the dream is worth achieving, if you are confidant it’s a God-honoring, morally right and worthy dream, then start today!

What is one dream you have yet to attain? Why not take one meaningful step to get started today?  

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