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Five Freakish Things a Church Must Do

4. Serve the world with no expectations.

When a church serves a community with no strings attached, strange stares and questions will inevitably follow: “Who are you people? Why are you doing this?” We serve because our King first served us. In our kingdom, to be great is to be a servant.

5. Embrace community.

Community that is Christian looks very peculiar to the world. “Why do you people get together with each other, sit in a group and study an ancient book?” This is odd to a world that values independence and strength because we are admitting our weakness, rejecting attempts to stand on our own, and throwing ourselves into the community of faith for encouragement and support.

If a church loses her peculiar distinction, if she tones down her freakish nature in a world that is not her home, she will simultaneously become powerless with nothing much to offer.