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5 Ways Fasting Helps Leaders Lead Better

  1. I fast to tear down (and rebuild) my platform. Fasting is about building my platform with God. Often I become distracted by seemingly important leadership ideas, like growing my tribe, organizing my growth, expanding my influence.

Sometimes I need to set aside my ministry platform goals in order to give attention to my walk with God. Ironically, when I focus on my platform with God, He seems to take care of my platform with others.

  1. I fast to seek God’s anointing on my life. Fasting strips me down when I need it. My sin becomes more noticeable, my thoughts more centered, my heart more open, my soul more hungry. Fasting puts me in a more moldable condition for God to shape me however He sees fit for leadership.
  2. I fast because I want to be a disciple. The Pharisees peppered Jesus with questions like, “Why don’t your disciples fast?” Jesus said they didn’t need to fast. After all, the disciples were already with him. But he said that when they were away from him, they would fast. And when Jesus ascended to heaven, they did fast.

I want to be a disciple too. And while Jesus is away from me physically, I will practice fasting. Fasting is mysterious. I don’t always know how it works. But like with prayer, I trust that God’s attention shines brightly on my life when I fast and that my prayers shout a bit louder.

Take some steps

Perhaps you’ve had past experience with fasting and this post is a reminder for you. Or maybe you’ve never fasted before and your heart is leaning in with curiosity.

If so, I encourage you to take some steps.