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A Secret Your Husband Needs You to Know

(Please don’t tell him I told you this.)

Let me give you a personal example. One time after preaching, Cheryl said nothing. Usually she says, “Great job today,” or, “That was a good one.”

That day—nothing!

Three days later, I asked, “Was I that bad?”

See how shallow I can be?

Truth is, I need her positive feedback and encouragement. It’s what fuels me. It’s what keeps me motivated to do my best.

Your husband is likely similar.

I know that sounds shallow of us. Perhaps it is.

But here’s the best part of the secret.

If your husband feels respected in his home—he will do anything to keep it.

Maybe even start doing the dishes. If he does, brag on him.

Who knows? Maybe next will be the dusting. Nah—don’t push it!

And if you’re raising a son, next time your little boy—I mean big boy—is up to bat, make sure he can turn around and see you smiling. It will make all the difference.